Manuals of Instruments in Josaphat Laboratory

*** Basically these documents are only used in Josaphat Laboratory ***
You could download Manuals of Josaphat Laboratory Instruments from folder below as below :
Measurement Devices
Agilent Calibration Kit 85033
Agilent Calibration kit 85056A
Agilent Digital Osciloscope DS03202A
Agilent S Parameter Test 8517B
Agilent Signal Generator Synthesized Source 83651B
Agilent Vector Network Analyzer A8510C
Agilent_Osciloscope 598
Agilent_Signal Generator_N5182A
Standard Antennas
Anritsu Dipoles
ETS Lindgren Standard Spiral CP Antenna
ETS Horn Antenna 3164-08 New !
Synthetic Aperture Radar Ground Test
Device Point Target Positioner Testing
Satellite Corner Reflector (L Band) [Japanese Version]  [English Version]
Calibration of Measurement System
Antenna Measurement Manual (Version 27 December 2013)
Antenna Fabrication

Microstrip antenna fabrication (マイクロストリップアンテナの試作) New !