During the Study / Research
1. Follow the rule and manner in University and Japan.
2. Don’t hit other person. Hit other person is serious crime in Japan and could drop out your study (power harassment)
3. Don’t say bad word(s) to other person (academic harassment)

Finish the Study / Research
If you finish the study or research in JMRSL, you MUST do as below.
1. Change the email address, because your email with server of Chiba University will expire in the future.
2. Complete the library administration, including return back the book if you borrow book(s)
3. Return back book(s) of JMRSL library, if you borrow book(s) from our library
4. Clean up the apartment, report to real estate office (fudosan) or office Chiba University International Hall.
5. If you have bicycle and will give to other student/staff, please register the ownership of the bicycle to police office.
6. Clean up your desk for next student who will use your desk.
7. Return back the manual, material, instrument, component etc that you borrow from our laboratory.
8. Complete the agreement of your phone or cell phone, including internet.
9. Register your contact address to JMRSL secretary for future contact.