Master and Doctoral Students :
Preparation of your Thesis and Slides for your thesis defence by considering below.

Prepare the thesis by considering below. Send the pdf format to Prof Josaphat before the defence to check the originality of your thesis. Thesis more than 100 pages.

Prof Josaphat must register your submission to fulfill the requirement of Pre-Defence and Final Defence, please send the information below to him as soon as possible in beginning of October for March graduation, or April for September Graduation.
1. The title of your thesis in Japanese and English (as short as possible)
2. Your full name for Graduation Certificate. The name could not be changed later, please give attention on it.
3. Doctoral title (Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Engineering, or Doctor of Science)
4. Abstract less than 600 characters in Japanese
5. Course Name and Graduate School Name
6. Fill the application forms and submit to Prof Josaphat as soon as possible. Application forms could be donwloaded below.
Graduate School of Engineering :
Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science :
Graduate School of Science and Engineering :

Please prepare the abstract within 600 Japanese (Kanji) characters with content of background, problem to solve, proposed method, result using the proposed method, confirmation (comparison) to other technique, result of comparison, and application or usage of proposed method for future technology

Content of thesis :
a. Title, your full name, Student ID Number, and Year of Graduation
b. Background of your research, including previous other similar method and comparing its. Show the lacking in previous method or technology, and what your want to propose to solve it.
c. Proposed Method
d. Analysis
e. Experiment
f. Discussion
g. Application of proposed method
h. Summary
i. Future Research
j. Originality of proposed research
k. Acknowledgement
l. Publication list : Peer Reviewed Paper and Conference, including book, patents, mass media article etc
m. References
n. Add the explanation of your method, i.e method in CST, FDTD, FEM, MoM etc.
o. Short Biodata
p. CD-ROM with contents of all digital version of your thesis, analysis data, code etc.

Slides of Presentation
The slides must be contents as below and prepared less than 30 slides for presentation, and other additional slides for discussion or defence. Prepare the copy of your slides in colour printed FIVE sheets, and deliver to Professors in Pre-Defence and Final Defence. Present the slides within 30 minutes, and defence in 30-45 minutes.

Contents of Slides :
1. Title and Name, ID Number
2. Short Biodata
3. Background
4. Comparing to previous other technique by showing the benefit and lacking
5. Proposed method
6. Analysis result
7. Experiment
8. Result : Comparing of proposed method and experiment
9. Discussion
10. Originality of your research
11. Summary
12. Future Research
13. Acknowledgement
14. Publication : Conference and Peer Reviewed Papers
15. References
16. Addendum : Detail of employed method in CST, FDTD, MoM, FEM, FIT etc.

Bachelor Students :
Prepare the thesis with contents as below. Prepare the list of presenters and abtracts and deliver in defence time. Number of pages is more than 100 pages.

1. Title and Name, ID Number (論文のタイトル、氏名、学籍番号)
2. Short Biodata (略歴)
3. Background(背景)
4. Comparing to previous other technique by showing the benefit and lacking(先行研究の短所と長所)
5. Proposed method(提案方法)
6. Analysis result(解析結果)
7. Experiment(実験結果)
8. Result : Comparing of proposed method and experiment(結果:提案方法と実験結果の比較)
9. Discussion(議論)
10. Originality of your research(研究のオリジナリティ)
11. Summary(結論)
12. Future Research(今後の研究)
13. Acknowledgement(謝辞)
14. Publication : Conference and Peer Reviewed Papers, if any.(もしありましたら、今まで発表した論文のリスト)
15. References(参考文献)
16. Addendum : Detail of employed method in CST, FDTD, MoM, FEM, FIT etc.(追加情報:今まで使用したソフトの解析方法を説明してください。例えば、CST、FDTD、MoM、FEM、FITなど)

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