Attentions for foreign students, researcher, staffs etc who join Josaphat Laboratory. During your staying in Japan and Josaphat Microwave Remote Sensing Laboratory (JMRSL) or Josaphat Laboratory, it is better to give attention as below for your convenience in Japan.

  1. Don’t break the law of Japan, including Immigration law, Social Law, Privacy Law etc. It is not our responsibility, if you break the Japanese law during your staying to study or research.
  2. Cover your staying in Japan by health insurance, because the health fee in Japan is expensive.
  3. Please clean up the apartment, dormitory etc when you finish your staying in Josaphat Laboratory and report to the related office or company. Please don’t forget to give back the key, documents too.
  4. Don’t forget to give back the keys of student/staff room, locker, desk etc to Josaphat Laboratory secretary.
  5. Japanese community like to keep the environment in quiet condition, therefore don’t make noise in laboratory, apartment, outside (train etc) by loudly talking, music etc.
  6. If you borrow bicycle, please ask the name of owner of the bicycle, because sometimes Chiba Police Department has bicycle operation to check the owner of bicycle. Please complete the accessories of  bicycle (lamp, break etc) when you operate the bicycle.
  7. If you use the chemical in Josaphat Laboratory, please discuss with staffs or students and record on our laboratory logbook. It is very important to keep our ISO 14001.
  8. The facility (instruments) in Josaphat Laboratory has a sensitive performance, therefore if you plan to use its, please discuss with staffs or students of Josaphat Laboratory. It is not allow to use our facilities without guidance.
  9. Commonly, the toilet in Japan (apartment, hotel, dormitory etc) is dry floor, it is not allowed to soak the floor by water, even for pray, traditional ceremony of your country etc. Please, keep the floor dry at all times to avoid the spreading of fungi and other pathogenic.
  10. Manage the immigration rule, i.e. expired date of your passport and visa. Report your period when you will leave Japan, including date of leaving Japan after your graduation. Inform your address after graduation for emergency contact in the future.
  11. Manage the export and import control law. You need permission from Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) to bring information and material of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to overseas. Please discuss to Chiba University Headquarter via Prof Josaphat, if you plan to do it.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and enjoy your staying in Josaphat Laboratory !

During the Study / Research
1. Follow the rule and manner in University and Japan.
2. Don’t hit other person. Hit other person is serious crime in Japan and could drop out your study (power harassment)
3. Don’t say bad word(s) to other person (academic harassment)

Finish the Study / Research
If you finish the study or research in JMRSL, you MUST do as below.
1. Change the email address, because your email with server of Chiba University will expire in the future.
2. Complete the library administration, including return back the book if you borrow book(s)
3. Return back book(s) of JMRSL library, if you borrow book(s) from our library
4. Clean up the apartment, report to real estate office (fudosan) or office Chiba University International Hall.
5. If you have bicycle and will give to other student/staff, please register the ownership of the bicycle to police office.
6. Clean up your desk for next student who will use your desk.
7. Return back the manual, material, instrument, component etc that you borrow from our laboratory.
8. Complete the agreement of your phone or cell phone, including internet.
9. Register your contact address to JMRSL secretary for future contact.